Edoard, was born in 2000 with the suction cap, at term, the absolutely normal child. I wanted to vaccinate him, for “being strong and healthy,… immune to any disease”… What a stupid thought! I didn’t know how a vaccine “works”, I didn’t know that with the vaccine, in the body entered the viruses, even if attenuate ones… I didn't  know that, if for case, the body does not recognize a virus as a virus, then it can damage a child! Edoard’s father said: “slowly with the vaccines, they can do damage”….; I did not listen to him! I nearly destroyed my son with my recklessness! I thought, as many of us still think: “I have been vaccinated, and look at me, I'm normal!” (but do “normal” people really exist?)…., or as grandmother Carla thinks: “For 80 years I have eaten bread and look at me how healthy I am”, not understanding why “lacking good food” my children are thriving on a GFCF (gluten and casein free) diet.

However, with the Vaccine Haemophilus Influenzae B conjugated to the difteric protein (containing ethylmercury - aka “thimerosal”) ours hell began: Edoard stopped making the first sounds “da, da, da, da…” or “ma, ma, ma, ma,…” , he began to stare into space, did not respond to his name anymore when he was called,  became quiet as a mouse and indifferent to pain.

It is useless to take up space here discussing how much time was lost over the years to psychologists, having the same verdict: “every child grows at his own pace, he will 'catch up' eventually”.

We researched in the internet, we found that our child was on regressive PDD and took matters into our own hands, not accepting the uncertain fate or future of our son.

He was 3 years old when we began the casein-free diet followed couple of months later, by eliminating also gluten. The first small health  improvements were seen.

Then he began chelation with TD-DMPS (transdermal DMPS), the first 7 months using the original Rashid Buttar protocol (on every other day) and continuing with the Andy Cutler’s protocol (3 days ON and 4 OFF) with the introduction of the ALA. Of course, Edoard was still following the GFCF diet, taking many supplements, MB12 (the injections and the nasal spray), lot of vitamin C. The chelation was absolutely necessary because the poisoning of mercury and aluminum contained in the vaccines, lead poisoning (this toxin causes verbal dyspraxia) and other toxins that we breathe or we eat every day.

With all the incredible improvements which came with chelation and biomedical treatments (diets and supplements), Edoard was still completely not-verbal. The lead still was not being excreted, not like the excretion of the mercury, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium and other heavy metals we had seen on the post-chelation testing.... To facilitate the excretion of heavy metals, we added  TD-DMSA (transdermal DMSA) to the chelation for 5 months, but without no notable changes in language abilities. Then, at the end of November 2005, we began a third chelator: calcium-disodium-EDTA suppositories (EDTA, is a predominant chelator for the lead, calcium and iron), and from third suppository Edoard became vocal, we heard his first new sounds and vocalizations!

Today, Edoard is verbal and goes to school like all the children. He also plays appropriately with toys, writes and is extraordinary in mathematics (his first grade math teacher told us “Edoard has the math skills of a third grader.”)

I wanted to write Edoard’s history in order to help also others that will browse our website, in order to help children who have more or less the same problems: psoriasis, language delays, toe-walking, staring into space or just not making eye contact with other people, isolation, hyperactivity, allergies of every kind, dyspraxia.

Edoard has a little sister, four years younger, who is not vaccinated, who began the GFCF diet as she transitioned to solid foods who is an absolutely normal and healthy child.

I enclose down, the list of the supplements that I have given to Edoard:

-  supplements that according to my observations did not seem to help Edoard but may help others; 

- supplements that in the correct dosage have helped;

- and those that are extraordinary and absolutely effective in the unique case of Edoard.

Edoard’s mom, Laura

Edoard's treatment      Trattamento di Edoard

I Vaccini di Edoard 

I foglietti illustrativi dei vaccini